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2 Best Indonesia Dating Sites

1- Indonesian cupid

Indonesian Cupid

Singles residing in international time zones or at local regions of Indonesia, instant connection of 2 beautiful souls is possible with We are one of the prominent and extended parts of Cupid Media network under which more than 30 trusted dating websites operate. We offer you a highly secure and fun environment where you can interact with the most beautiful and alluring ladies residing in the joyful land of Indonesia.  

Where our website has achieved recognition worldwide, you will be surprised to see thousands of Indonesian bachelors and bachelorettes signing up with us and waiting for their special one, just like you.

2- Setipe


When modern Indonesia saw a number of rising social predicaments, Kevin Aluwi and Razi Thalib decided to create a solution. And that idea became the reason of origination of Setipe. Their outlook for this platform was clear – creating a specific online dating portal that will cater to the needs of Indonesian public.

We will agree to the fact that Indonesians do like to share major parts of their lives on social networking websites. But this aspect remains unapplied when the question of finding the perfect match comes to light. Most people agree to this as they don’t want to publicise such delicate matters. With our services, we concentrate on giving you a safe and private experience, highlighting more on the adjusting period.

At Setipe we believe that each one of you should get the opportunity to explore more and get the chance to interact with more people. In order to give you that experience, with the help of clinical psychologists, we have developed a system that will assist you in meeting with your compatible match privately. Stop overthinking and avail your personality report free of cost by signing up to our website.

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