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Finding dates in Asia

Whether you're looking to making a connection with Asian women or fancy dating Asian girls let us be your resource in making that happen. We are an online directory listing the very best Date in Asia sites you'll ever find on the web! Not only that, we also give you a look into the many Asian dating sites out there through our in-depth reviews.

Mydateinasia understands the difficulty of getting into relationships – the embarrassing first dates, the awkward phone conversations, the clumsy emails and all the other fear-induced activities involved in making a connection. It is with this in mind that we provide you with only the best dating sites so you don't waste your time signing up and feeling let down.

Making a connection online

Our site caters to just about anyone looking to make a connection with Asian girls. You may be someone who has moved to Asia in search of life's meaning or to experience a different culture but also feel the need to search for love. You could be anyone in the world – in Asia itself or in Europe, America or Australia – and are seeking romance with Asian women. You could be someone who has an intense passion for anything Asian – history, archeology, culture, literature, etc. – and wouldn't mind having a relationship with someone who knows those things inside and out.

Whichever the case, you know that more and more people are turning to online date in Asia sites to find the one person who will complete the other half of their heart. And that is what we here at My Date in Asia provide – a helpful resource where you can make a connection with Asian singles be it for friendship, romance or even marriage!

Meeting Asian ladies in the simplest possible way

Here at Mydateinasia, we believe in not wasting anyone's time. This is why our site is designed to be used without ever feeling confused. We have made the selection process a bit simple for you:

1) you can choose from a free Asian dating site or a paid Asian dating site

2) you can select a country whose ladies you are most interested in meeting.

Whichever option you choose, you will immediately be presented with a list of dating sites that match the category you picked. We have scoured the web long and hard to bring you the sites that truly matter and grouped them here accordingly. We hope that through this kind of setup, you spend less time searching for the right site and focus more on making connections.

Here on Mydateinasia, we have looked far and wide to give you a list of dating sites from different Asian countries.

We've curated the sites and presented them in the best format possible. So, for your part, all you have to do is pick the category you like, read through the site descriptions, sign up with the site you like and start finding romance.

We understand that finding love is hard in the real world and we want to make sure that when you try online dating, you will find making a connection much easier.

Here are some of the most popular paid and free Asia dating sites:


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